The names on the WW1 section of the memorial

There are 27 names listed on the memorial.

Appleby, John

Armstrong, Thomas W

Bird, George

Bowman, George

Collinson, Frank

Boyes, David

Carr, Tom A

Coultas, Arnold

Coultas Reginald M

Dunkley, Albert O

Dunn, Frank A

Forster, Willie

Hill, Gerard L

Inman, Desmond H

Mitchell, Harry

McCombie, Alec

Rowntree, Lawrence E

Ruddock, Edward W

Shearsmith, Thomas

Shepherd, Edward

Sillery, Charles

Steel, William M

Watson, John

Webb, Arthur

Wilkinson, Richard H S

Wordsworth, J Lionel

Yewdall, Fred

2 thoughts on “The names on the WW1 section of the memorial

  1. I noticed that there are some individual memorials around the churchyard do you have any information on those at all please? I believe those headstone are erected by possibly War Office or Services??

    • Apologies for my late reply. There are 6 headstones in the churchyard erected by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, do you mean these? They are for WW1 and WW2 burials, the latest headstone being that for Driver Edward Ruddock. Please email me via the church office, and I will contact you directly. L. Newton

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